About Us

                                                   We engage in Wise Math franchise business and offer our                                                                    franchise schools with math teaching materials (5~15 years old),                                                      teacher training,  advice on business operation, teaching                                                                      seminars, and assistance with promotional campaigns to maintain                                                    high teaching quality and effects.


                                                   Unlike conventional teaching, every student in Wise Math class                                                        has workbooks at his/her own level to complete. They solve math                                                      problems by following visual & written guidance in the workbooks                                                    and using learning aids/hands-on operation to develop logical                                                            and  independent  thinking. The students can ask for 1 on 1                                                                  tutoring whenever they have questions. The class won’t end until                                                      they finish solving all the math problems, so no one will leave the                                                    class without understanding the lesson. 

With such a text design, students can solve problems independently. When a student has a problem, the teacher gives some clues for him/her to figure out the answers, so teachers (students) can spend less efforts while achieving more teaching (learning) effects. Generally speaking, most math textbooks require instruction, and some students may not understand it no matter how it's explained. Therefore, merely relying on qualified teachers to learn math isn't enough. It takes both qualified teachers and excellent teaching materials. How can an artisan make a fine work without good tools?  For the teachers using Wise Math teaching materials, they will become excellent teachers to help their students reach learning goals by attending our training program.                                             

Wise Math Textbook Design

W (Well-organized)
We analyze and integrate math curriculum guidelines from
Taiwan, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China,
Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia, …etc. to write the 
textbooks  in line with international math education.

I (Independent)

Based on the PSI plan by Dr. Fred S. Keller, a pioneer in experimental psychology and who taught at Columbia University, we use unconventional teaching models to thoroughly carry out Flipped Classroom so that our students can learn math independently and develop a good habit of independent thinking.


S (Schematic)

According to a study by Roger W. Sperry, a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicinevisual/shematic thinking is the result of biological evolution. A study shows that visual thinking can enhance learning effects 60000 times as many as verbal thinking. The schematic solution guide and math problem design in our textbooks totally meet the gifted skills of human beings. The schematic design can stimulate the corpus callosum in students’ brains to facilitate interhemispheric communication and store more learning effects.


E (Effective)

We exercise the chunking theory by Herbert Simon and William Chase, build a professional teaching system, demand good learning attitudes, and arrange the textbooks prudently to create an effective and efficient teaching/learning system.