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How to Join Wise Math Franchise?

International Market


Advantages of Joining Wise Math Franchise 

1. Our brand image is reliable and supported by parents.

2. All the franchisees share the cost of promotion.

3. The math teachers will be trained to be qualified and professional.

4. The headquarter provides the updatest information and resources.

5. Our education program can help to maintain teaching quality.

6. Online assessments are offered to evaluate students' progress.

7. The know-how system helps franchisees succeed in their business.

Wanted: Agents in Foreign Countries

1. Join Wise Math franchise and open Wise Math classes.

2. Receive our training to be able to run your business.

3. Recruit Wise Math franchisees in your region, city, or country.

4. Act as a Wise Math headquarter to support the franchisees.

5. Train math teachers and offer internship opportunities.


Please contact Angelia for details.
a. Mobil in Taiwan: + 886-908-995- 193
b. Messenger:
c. Line: 94ping
d. Email:

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