"Education is the most powerful weapon which                                                     you can use to change the world".
                    - Nelson Mandela

Wise Math Tenet

The Ministry of Education has advocated kindergarten curriculum guidelines for years. All the courses must be related to life experiences and taught by cross-curriculum approaches.
This concept aims to ensure a diversified development of the students in kindergartens during the process of learning. Also, their learning is expected to be smoothly connected to primary school levels.

Every student can get 5 workbooks with 5 themes per term. The style of the workbooks is tied to the development of the story. Also, the math problems in the story and the use of learning aids to solve them make the plot or daily life situations closely linked to math learning.

Teaching with picture storybooks can help younger children with math learning.
There are 7 reasons:
1. Assist children with learning math concepts and skills.
2. Offer a meaningful situation for math learning.
3. Stimulate childhood development and enable them to communicate in math languages.
4. Assist children with math problem solution, inference, and thinking.
5. Children will have a broader view of math.
6. Children will have a positive attitude towards learning math.
7. Teach by integration approaches.
(Source: a paper by Schiro)