PSI System

WiSE math adopts the PSI theory by Dr. Keller graduating from Harvard University and designs brand new math problems for our students to enter the palace of math, to have fun with learning, and to be in line with the international math learning progress.

Wise Math Learning System
Conventional teaching is teacher-centered, but our PSI plan is a student-centered and mix-aged learning system. It helps to develop independence, self-reliance, and a good habit of thinking bravely.

Ideal Time to Enroll
The curriculum guideline of Wise Math is extended to the whole math learning area to be in trend with international curriculum guidelines. Math foundation should be rooted at a very young age, so we sincerely suggest students to enroll in our program a year before the beginning of the primary school or no later than 10 years old, and keep learning at our program till 15 or 16 years old. However, students at 5~15 are welcome to enroll in our franchise schools at any time.

Monthly Lesson Plan
Students must complete in-class assignments in 8 textbooks every month, but the teachers can adjust lesson plans temporarily under special circumstances. The length of the class period is flexible depending on students’ age, difficulty of the lesson, and their attention span.

In-class Assignment & Instant Feedback
Students must complete 8 pages of assignment and 4 pages of test paper in every class. In order
to ensure an instant feedback and learning effects. The teacher will finish marking the assignments and instantly return them to the students for correcting mistakes.

Teacher Training
To exercise the spirit of ability construction and concept recognition, every WiSE math teacher must attend our strict training program to help the students with learning.

Registration for the Wise Math Program
Brief Introduction→Placement Test→Registration→Class Schedule

    A. Brief Introduction
  Please contact our franchise schools for brief introduction to the Wise Math program                      before registration.

 B. Placement Testing/Assessment
  The assessment measures to determine a new student’s appropriate math placement so                  that the teacher can know the student’s math level and find his/her starting point in our                program. The placement may not be 100% accurate, but the teacher will further evaluate              the student’s learning performance for adjustment. The assessment is a written test which            takes around 20 minutes. The test takers will be told that they are playing math games                    instead of taking a test.

 C. Registration
  After the placement test, the parent will be given a parent handbook. Please read it, fill out          the Student Information Form, sign your name, and give it to the teacher.

 D. Class Schedule
  After paying tuition for the first term, the parents must meet with the teacher for their  

  children’s learning plans, and the student should go to the class on time.